SL10B Thoughts before it all kicks off!

It’s almost opening time. For weeks or even months people from around the globe have been  preparing to share with the rest of the SL Grid what they love most about their SL Experience.

It’ll be the biggest statement from the Virtual World community on wether Second Life is still relevant and you can make your mind up for yourself by exploring and seeing the many different sides, curves and corners of the biggest virtual world on this planet. I had small look around during the last two Press devoted days which of course was not enough time to see it all so i’ll probably pack my virtual backpack and some virtual jam sandwiches and venture though it all during the next two weeks.

Of course this is an event where you will get to see the latests and brightest talent pushing SL’s tools to the limit. The platform will be strained to breaking point the first few hours as is tradition highlighting any improvements the Lab may have achieved over the last year. But as you walk around , remember that there is a person or people behind every exhibit how ever big or little the display.

This year more than any other year i feel there is a very large spectrum of technical craft. From exhibits that have just a few simple Prim based objects, to large exhibits of extremely detailed complex mesh. It can be easy to perhaps shun the smaller exhibits as amateur or lacking skill, but that would be missing the whole point of SL10B.


I’m reminded of one SL Anniversary where i along with my gang of misfit friends went on a bike ride through the exhibits eventually stopping to allow stragglers to catch up. The exhibit/plot we stopped at was a very small, simply constructed garden with a single table and a few flowers dwarfed by its neighbouring exhibits of funky light and abstract wonder.

Just as we were about to move on the creator of this little exhibit appeared and was shocked to find us all there. She was so happy to see people at her exhibit she said we had made her day and  immediately asked to take a snapshot of us all there. That moment changed the way i saw SLB, It’s not just about the awesome exhibits, its also about the people behind them.

So as you walk around SL10B take your time to appreciate all the effort put into this how ever big or small, simple or complex the exhibit is.

The year i joined SL. Part of the History of Sl walk through, what year did you arrive?

SL10B opens at 12pm SLT Sunday 16th of June. The first few hours are traditionally laggy mayhem, but things get better as the week goes on with live DJ’s and  Music artists on the stages, Tutorials and talks at the Auditorium. Plus learn a step by step history of the trials, Tribbles and controversy of the past 10 years of Second Life.

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  1. ….the vitality inherent in the creations here is a testament to the undying spirit of creativity! SL is NOT over, it has not even started because the mainstream out there at large has not found the courage [yet] to really flex that creative muscle again, the one they loved to exercise when they were children! while society at large is infatuated with sharing on Facebook what they had for breakfast the SL community is pushing the boundaries of their OWN imagination every day! Happy birthday my dear world, I just had one request from fellow residents: be AWARE that it is all our responsibility to engage in outreach and gentle nudging of RL friends and family because we cannot exist in an insular vacuum forever! we can wax philosophically all day about Linden failure and their responsibility to market, set-record-straight blablabla but ultimately we have the power to show the rest of the world what we can do!!!!!!

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