Celebrating Second Life

It’s not long now….

All through the year there are events that i take part in.

All through the year there are many events i dont take part in.


Events are what make Second Life really tick.

Being in second life and understanding what to do is an achievement in itself, but to then step out into the grid and find like minded people in a community that share the same loves?

Achieve that and you will be able to understand how important Second Life is to so many.

Yet so many never get to achieving that sense of belonging and freedom of self expression.

But every year people from all across the grid gather to celebrate in one place testing the SL platform to its very technical limit.

An exhibition of what is possible, presenting hundreds of little communities, a moment for thousands of people to contribute and shout about what they love or feel proud about.

All these people from all over the world from countries i was never even taught about in school.

All these minds gathering in one virtual shared place.

It is not just a thing thats happening in a wrongly labeled ‘failed game’ , SLB is a world wide collaboration that happens every year

It’s surely one of the single most creative collaborative worldwide events of the year, yet you wont hear about it ever on the news.

It’s the greatest SL event of them all.


SL10B will be the 10th celebration of this platform we love and hate. It’s open to EVERYONE to take part. It’s not just for the elite creators and doers to show off their latests shiny metaphorical bollox. Sure it has a theme,’Looking Forward, Looking Back’, but don let that stop you from doing what ever you feel like doing.

This celebration is about the users who ever you are what every your creative experience. It’s for you to shout HEY IM HERE TO! in what ever way you can (as long as it does not break TOS or have nipples).

So what are you waiting for?, think up an idea, grab some friends, fill in the application and see if the organisers will give you a FREE plot to build on. It will be the BEST Sl Experience you’ll ever have… possibly 🙂


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Second Life

  1. Dear Loki

    I am writing an article on Second Life’s 10th Birthday for The Best of Second Life (BOSL) magazine and would appreciate it if you could answer the following question for me?

    Q – What does SL mean to you?

    You will be quoted in the article which is due to be published in June.

    Many thanks and best regards,

    Lacy Muircastle
    BOSL Magazine

    • Dear Lacy

      Back in december someone from BOSL said they wanted to do an article that required young avatar clothing and talked me into giving them 3 outfits for FREE in return for exposure in BOSL magazine. I never heard from that person again and as far as i can tell there was no article about young avatar clothing.

      So please excuse me when i choose not to answer your question.

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