Goony Adventure – To the Black Swan sim

OK so The first Goony adventure in a while happend at the weekend. I TP’d to The Black Swan Sim where i was joined by a number of Goonies and friends to take on the perilous path filled with booby traps.

The first task was to skillfully dodge a giant swinging axe, the skulls of unfortunate residents lay strewn over the path. we all got through, but Myrtil hesitated causing us all to hold our breathes as she finally darted past the sharp metal slicing monster!

The Pathway stretched out ahead of us and we tried to keep together .

Next was the simple task of jumping over a vast gap in the path, hopping onto a pillar before leaping to the other side. I watched with concern as my little brother struggled to keep his balance.

Fire and lavathreatened to burn us in this task. Some of us fell into the lava screaming in pain. But they are ok :-p

A whole row of moving pillars caused me and my brother endless bother, trying to jump one to another as they moved up and down was difficult.

Finally over the pillars i thought i could take it easy but as soon as i thought that big spikes shot up in front of me as Marv set off a booby trap. Poor Marv, there was nothing we could do for him, so we left his splattered corpse on the path…..

Eventually we could see our goal, the giant statue…. so across the rope bridge we ran, the only obstacle was a broken part of the bridge…

So there we were under the statue, we made it to the end. Another spiffing goony adventure cmplete :-), shame Marv got splattered :-p
If you aint been there check it out… oh and Myrtil originally sent me the SLURL for this place ages ago 😀

Black Swan Sim

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