The Linden State of Fear

Had quite a few Grief Attacks in the dreamland sims over the last week. This has lead to the Land managers to advise us all to lock down our land to help prevent future attacks. This would mean no one can come and enjoy my stuff becos the island will be set to prevent them from exploring and enjoying the freedom i give to my visitors.

When i first came to SL it was an open inviting world. Yu could build anywhere, fly and sale were ever you liked…. now its a place were communities hide behind permissions and red barriers, the skis and seas are off limits and everyone is suspicious of everyone.

Linden Lab need a virtual reality check, because this is nothing like a utopia.

I have not yet decided what to do with my land permissions as i tend to feel that having to change is giving in to the griefers. I still have a choice so far, but once that freedom is gone i will SERIOUSLY start thinking of moving Nemo beach, or even abbandonning it all together.

3 thoughts on “The Linden State of Fear

  1. I have heard of or been in areas attacked over the past week, and it is always distressing. Though I have only been in sl for about a year, I have noticed the change as the barriers have gone up. Nemo Beach has been a haven for me and others who visit, and being able to make stuff and play with stuff without constraints has been wonderful, it would be sad if this had to change, or worse if if was not there.

    If there is anything I can do to help, please ask, and I am sure that gose for most of the people who love Nemo Beach and respect you.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean Loki. Other kid places around SL are experiencing some of the same types of anxieties, including our home islands. Its a difficult thing, but I tend to agree that the more we acknowledge and fear these types of attacks, the more that those who would attack us have won.

    Best wishes Loki!

  3. Those are very good points Loki, and I know many of us who provide content and add to the Second Life experience are thinking along similar lines. We put a lot of time and effort and resources in to our projects only to have hordes of low-lifers come along and wreck every bodies fun. Most of these idiots aren’t even Second Lifers, they create accounts and come in to the grid especially for the occasion.

    What frustrates me is that compulsory ID checks would eradicate the vast majority of these attacks, not to mention keep the under-agers off the adult grid, but Linden Lab have no plans to do this.

    Don’t think for one moment things are going to get any better, they will not.

    Oh well, as we Brit’s say… ‘stiff upper lip old chap’

    Tally ho!!!

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