The New Babbage Monster

So there was alot of crazyness in New Babbage over the weekend. Murder, mystery and monsters. The Alexander Eliot device was activated by the evil Jason Moriarty deep beneath the old theatre sending a beam of light into the sky. The Towns people watched in horror as a giant tentacle monster started to emerge from the vortex hight in the sky. Then Suddenly a massive boom from the theatre and a flash of fire blew from the doors and windows, then all was gone. What happend inside the theatre is not altogether clear. Rumour has it that Nareth E Nishi somehow blocked the energy beams inside the Theatre causing an overload.

The next day a few of the residents of New Babbage celebrated with a spiffing fire works display. 🙂

Here is a rare video capturing the monster and explosion.

and here it is in quicktime

1 thought on “The New Babbage Monster

  1. Astounding footage.
    And even though the case of Jason Moriarity and the Eliot device is now closed, it would seem that we have not heard the last of the Van Greed Society.

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