New Escapades Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at Nemo beach has been there since the start. Everyone who makes a sea side location wants a lighthouse coz lighthouses are kool!


Originally the lighthouse was a simple collection of basic shapes and upgraded it once with a sculpty prim to add extra detail while keeping prim cost down since the homestead i was on at the time meant Prims were scarce. Now 3 years later I’ve finally found some time spare to rebuild it again but of course with mesh.Now it looks more realistic in terms of size, hight, textures and detail.

I found i had a bit of difficulty making the Physics shapes for it. The Lighhouse is cylindrical so you would think it’d be best to use Prim Cylinders for the Physics, but linking cylinders to mesh drastically explodes the objects land impact so i’ve had to keep the physics separated.

It’s still pretty simple in shape though and retains the colour of the old versions. Cost wise the New Lighthouse is a few more Land impact at around 27 to the old ones 21 but crucially the new lighthouse is half the display cost.

New Lighthouse will go on sale by end of the week from my Marketplace store.


2 thoughts on “New Escapades Lighthouse

  1. Hey Loki – looks great. I have a question though – do you always use normal prims to make the physics shape for a mesh as opposed to uploading a custom physics mesh? If so, what are the benefits of doing it that way?

    • It’s probably a really bad habit ive gotten into, but i’ve always seemed to get lower landimpact by creating physics shapes entirely with old classic prims. It might just be that I’m rubish at making the physics shapes in mesh, or im lazy. But some advantages can be things like more control over surfaces, for instance if you wanted to make some surfaces walkable by pathfinding objects you can do so easy when the physics for the floor is actually a linked prim instead of a built in mesh. Sometimes ive had to make a mesh physics shape. For the lighthouse i decided to use mesh physics for the rocks because i simply could not use prims to get an accurate enough shape for the rocks.

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