Mocap Adventures – Part 2



It’s been a week since i last blogged about the mocap stuff. Since then i’ve been and bought a new power cable from ebay, and for a moment the Kinect worked only for it to crash Fastmocap software. NI-Mate which is another kinect mocap software could not recognise the sensor at all.

I unistalled, reinstalled, checked USB sockets, software updates… nothing, i just could not get it to work.  The only remaining thing to rule out was a faulty sensor, so i skipped off to sainsburys and bought an Xbox Kinect. As soon as i connected the Xbox Kinect everything lit up and worked… DAMMIT! So the Kinect for windows is in fact FAULTY, typical microsoft.

Now that i have a fully working kinect sensor it’s on to using Fastmocap to capture my animations. The software itself is very very simple to use plug n play. A stick figure mimics your movement and you click record to record what you do.

All this easy to use stuff goes out the window when it comes to exporting though as it saves as non extension bvh file with no tutorials , information, clues or hints to what i can now do with it. I guess its not for the software to say what i should do with the animation file after export. In fact the support contact at fastmocap was kind enough to point me to BVhacker for use in modifying my animation for use with SL. Unfortunately BVhacker is windows software so why Fasctmocap which is a MAC software was directing me to that  just ads to the confusion.

So i have the sensor working, and i’m recording animations. Next step is to expand my knowledge now about BVH animation files and how to edit them and in what software i can edit them in order to get them into SL.

2 thoughts on “Mocap Adventures – Part 2

  1. The capturing itself is easy, and the preview in the application looks somehow ok (don’t expect miracles from a Kinect)
    But the exporters are not working. I didn’t manage to get a proper animation loaded to poser 8, poser 2012, avimator, DAZ or even the recommended bvhacker…

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