Loki and the Bean Stalk

So there i was minding my own busyness, when and old wrinkly Linden came up to me and gave me some Beans.
“They are magic beans Loki boy, a brand new feature added to your secondlife, may they give you much joy”
I looked at the Linden “Yeh right, another rubbish new feature, why not just fix everything already in SL before adding new bugs!”
So i threw the beans onto the sand and the Linden shrugged then dissapeared. Suddendly the ground shook and WOOOOOSH a giant stalk grew into the sky, higher and higher.

Finally it stopped and my curiosity got the better of me so i climbed, then got bored so i flew the rest of the way. High above Nemo i discovered a giant Castle. WOOT i thought, gold and giants, SPIFFING!. But oh no, was i wrong, this is Second life of course and instead of gold and giants, in this Linden version was giant ants and zombies who wanted to eat me. So i did what i always do and called my best mates up to help me shoot the crap out of them all. WAGHHH!!!!!…. they are still there for the moment so feel free to shoot the crap out of them 🙂

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