Mocap Adventures – Part 1


An area of interest for me is the home motion capture scene. I’d love to be able to create natural looking animations for my avatar and objects in second life and with the release of Xbox Kinect some enterprising programmers decided to hack it as a way to gain motion capture in the home.

With the start of the new year i decided to invest a little into this and bought a Kinect for windows with the hope that the promoted software such as NI-Mate and Fastmocap would deliver plug an play Mocap animation recording.

Things i hope it help with.

• Creating animations for objects such as seat, sitting, sleeping, hanging from trees etc…

• Creating attack moves for weapons.

• New dances for my little brother

• Reactions to items such as being knocked back, having a spell cast, being eaten by a monster.

• Should reduce time taken to create animations.

• Open doors for using animations for stuff outside SL such as Blender animations or possibly game engines.


This hasn’t happened yet since for no reason i can work out or understand the Kinect does not work. Searching the web proved fruitless in finding a solution. I cant tell if it’s to do with the software ‘Fastmocap’ not working, my iMac not being compatible, or if the Kinect it self being broke (after all it is a Microsoft product).

The only suggestion i did finally find online was that the Power cable might be broke so ive ordered a new one. Wether the power cable replacement will magically bring my Kinect to life i wont know until end of this week. So my next Mocap post will either be wondrously interesting account of capturing my silly dance moves for my little brother, OR it’ll be the shortest post on my blog saying something like “I waisted a lot of money DAM IT!”


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