Goony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

I only blog about the goony adventures that impress. For those who aren’t familiar the Goony Adventures are every last friday of the month and consists of my friends gathering to go somewhere new to explore. Sometimes places end up being glorified shopping malls, some places are real small boring places. Occasionally though we find a place that is really immersive and as a group of misfit kids end up having lots of fun exploring.

The first Goony Adventure of 2013 turned out to be really quite kool. The Doomed Ship has been around for sometime yet i had never been there. Everything loaded pretty quick and due to it’s confined claustrophobic atmosphere and being in the sky, frame rates where nice and high even with shadows and projector lights.

Snapshot by Nat or Matt, cant remember :-p but the SLfeed was ablaze of snapshots from my friends. Fun seeing the different perspectives and graphics settings.

One of the interesting gimmicks of the place is the Auto attaching temp rez HUD which adds a new style of camera view as well as overlaying static and new mini map. I was really impressed and i’ll go back to see if i can learn more about how they did it 🙂

The only issue we had while exploring came from using the Lifts. Since there was quite a large group of us we had trouble using the lifts which used a ‘click to teleport’ system which only allows one at a time. Im sure the creators of The Doomed Ship are also waiting patiently for LL to release the Experience permissions system which would sort out the Lift problem.

Anyways the ship has many levels and the corridors just go on and on with things to interest or surprise you deep inside the ship. My gang managed to get split up due to the elevator problem, but thankfully that just added to the fun :-p In the end i got eaten by a giant moth creature. Great fun!

1 thought on “Goony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

  1. Most impressive video!
    I’m glad that I teleported over to see the new Doomed ship. It has always been very cool, and has always pushed the limits of the Second Life platform, but now it is beyond wonderful, its wonderfully wonderful! ^_^
    No scary shadow people though. *nods*

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