Update On Escapades Island and other work

Thought id make a quick post about whats going on with Escapades Island and my Babbage work.

Back in November i stopped work on Escapades stuff to focus on upgrading my Steampunk New Babbage stuff. I released a completely new range of Steampunk working class clothing before moving onto rebuild my buildings there. Starting with the Old Imperial Theatre i managed to replace the whole thing with a much grander more efficient build. The hidden Attic room has more clutter and the secret old machine below the theatre is more detailed with giant pistons. In all i was able to create what i originally envisioned the theatre to be like when New babbage first arrived on the grid.

I still have a lot to do though since the theatre is only one out of five buildings i have there. How quickly ill be rebuilding them i dont yet know because while i am redesigning and modeling these buildings im also working out what i want people to experience in these buildings. For instance i hope to also start work on two gaming projects in New babbage and i had hoped to do a new Roleplay Story. On top of this i need to keep working on stuff at Escapades Island. I still have sculpties to replace there and a community to keep entertained if i want the island to keep being of value to those who help pay the large tier costs. Perhaps ive bitten off more than i can blender.


Gaming Projects

A lot of ideas i created in 2012 were based on the assumption Linden Lab would release the Experience Permissions tool, since that has not happend and no word on when if ever it might be released im now looking towards other gaming experiences.

Pick Pockets: Working with my friend Matt to create a game of pick pocketing that can be enjoyed by those stealing and those being the poor victims. I’m hoping to learn from matt about keeping scores with HUDs for future games i want to make.

Gremlins: This is gonna be quite hard. I have some ideas about making experiences more dynamic and dramatic and want to see if i can create a turn based battling experience. it will combine some ideas i used in the Cheese Fairy mini game and hopefully path the way for some interesting future ideas for Escapades Island.


Escapades Island.

2012 was all about rebuilding, and there is still plenty i need to rebuild such as the boondocks, lighthouse, Cliffton house and the Pirate Fort. Managing my time so i can do these things with ease is going to need a lot of time management. But i also want 2013 to be the year i make Escapades a story driven place. Back when i first announced i would be creating Escapades Island i promised story experiences and as yet i simply havent delivered those yet, either due to rebuilding, learning mesh, designing clothes or LL not delivering on features. I want this year to be the year i deliver the stories ive been waiting to tell on Escapades Island for the past two years.

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