What i want SL groups to be

I love Sl profile Feeds, it’s open in a web page while i work so i can reply and laugh at peoples adventures in SL.

My mind boggles at why this is’nt a feature thats being used by every Sl resident. Maybe they just dont know about it, or turn up their noses ‘Tiz but a facebook rip off, if one wants to facebook then one would use the Facebook, BAH!”

Seeing where SL Profiles could lead even if there is no interest in it is so tantalising for me and ive had this idea in my head about how SL Profiles could envelope and expand SL Groups. So today i spent some time i dont actually have, to mockup how i would see SL groups working as part of the SL Profile Feed system.



Something like this could totally boost communication within groups and encourage conversation… and possibly fighting. It would allow better presentation of past notifications to browse through, and you could reply to a notification! Also it would get rid of that big white space when you look at Groups in the Inworld SL Profiles :-p


One area of concern would be groups administrating content, if say like a resident tags a rocket penis into your group that offends group members you would need a way for Admins to DE-Tag the group from a post. There would also be calls across the grid for an option to OPT OUT of having a groups Profile Feed. Its the little  things like that which makes innovation such a chore.

Anyway this is just a mockup for an idea i had. Now i need to get back to working on my Steampunk Theatre!


3 thoughts on “What i want SL groups to be

  1. Using my.secondlife.com for groups has much potential and I’d really like to see it expanded. One big advantage could be a reduction in inventory, if a group page were avaialble there would be no need to send notecards, textures or even landmarks with group notices, reducing clutter!

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