GASP! its one of those infamous kid avs i read about on tv!

One of the day to day battles i have to endure as a Kid Av in Second Life is ignorant self righteous noobs and i’m sure you all do to. Yesterday i was messaged along with a few other SLC officers by a Noob who had witnessed “broadly offensive sexual ageplay” in a Sex zone she was visiting. She looked up the profile of the avatar and found the SLC group at the top of the list. She decided there and then that the SLC had to be pervert group. This is the kind of ignorant biggoted noob response that causes much of the drama you hear about Kid Av’s. After explaining what our group was she either felt silly for not finding out more sooner, or is still out there preaching her lack of understanding of the Kid Av community.

Second Life is notorious for not being a good platform for expressing what stuff goes on here. There just is’nt a good way to find out. There needs to be a better directory of the community lifestyles here in SL, something that you can browse outside SL before you get in. Something that gives a better understanding of the communities in here, and what you can bring to SL, and what not to bring.

Second Life is no longer “your world your imagination”, there is a large amount of communities here now. The message should be “their world, their imagination”. Businesses are arriving to sell to “us” residents, to our “communities” of SL. So Instead of the Second life website showing what Second Life is, it could be Showing our communities, show noobs what we are doing here.

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