Relay For Life

Once again im busy busy busy in SL. No sooner have i finished one project then another one lands in my virtual lap. I’ve pretty much finished the Absinthe bar now, just need a few final touches like the loft and to fix some textures. Hopefully next month i can organise a propper opening party :).

Before i can open the Loki Absinthe Cafe i have another build to do before this week ends. I love to build new things in SL, and to do so you need places to build on and that can be costly. It’s been great in the last couple of months as ive been able to do a lot of kool things for events and had some generous discounts from others.

Im currently working on a build for the New Babbage section of the Relay for Life. I designed a built which i felt would best describe what New Babbage and steam punk is. The Relay for life is a huge amount of sims, bigger than SL4B. There is a track which you can walk around the sims on exploring all the different builds as you walk. I’ve only got till thursday though, as my first life will be off live action role playiing on friday till sunday. So on friday make sure you take the relay for life walk and see what i and the other babbage volenteers hae built 🙂

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