I turned up in SL thinking i was to help my brother Gemini with a meeting he had with what i could only assume was journalists. Plagued with Connection drop outs and rezzing difficulties i finally arrived at the Vortex club to a barrage of cheers, banners and balloons.

Turns out that my friends in Second Life had organised a party just for me. I was speechless to the point of tears in my eyes. Orange balloons and a big cake on an orange table, with a huge banner saying “SL kids love Loki”, and so many people there. Some thought it was my birthday but i think the majority had come just to say thanx which was really kind of them.

Being in that situation is great for the ego, but you cant help wondering if you really deserve such attention, after all im no differnt from the rest of them, we are all struggling to have a presence in SL :-). Anyway i really appritiated theparty and had great fun eating cake, drinking kool aid and dancing about at my favourate club with SO many of my friends.

You all made a virtual boy very happy indeed 🙂 SPIFFING! 😀

1 thought on “SURPRISE!!!!!!!

  1. Of course you deserved the attention, silly!!!

    You do all these wonderful things for the whole community, and you’re so selfless, we really needed to show you some appreciation of your hard work

    We luv ya Loki!

    And it’s tru too!

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