When will there be a Loki Sim!!!????…. well to be honest… never.

I’m always thinking about how great would be to have my own sim, create my own adventure island on my own terms, set up a village for all my friends to play, nemo beach but on a grander scale… I thought maybe next year, if my RW job was more secure, i could do just that. But i have been looking at the costs again and it’s just rediculous. It would cost me £3772 for the first year of owning a Loki sim, for you yanks thats $7,682, and for you euro dudes thats €5,576. As big as i may seem in SL, i dont make much Lindens, barely enough to pay rent and in RW im a very small person on a less than average wage.

I’ve had offers to go partners into owning a SIM and as well as it works for a lot of people I dont want the preasure of not knowing if the partners will be loyal and pay up. I also dont wonna have to spend all my time worrying about residents on my SIM not paying up on time, chasing people for rent, constantly looking for people to come rent parts of the SIM just so i can pay the rent for the SIM every month.

I really wish it was cheaper, surly it dont have to cost as much as they are right now for a server and if only it felt like the money ws being used to imprve SL. The Last year has been a headache for SL, not worth the money if the viewer is so buggy they cant visit your SIM.

I want a SIM just so my friends can hang out with no worries, But to own a SIM you need to have a different mind set, you need to be thinking about making money, becasue its just so fukin expensive.

So it looks like the dream of a Loki island will stay a dream for a few more years at least untill thirdparty SIM hosting drives prices down…. that also is a dream that will stay a dream i think.

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