Tools of the Social VR Trade

As we enter Second Life’s 16th year and continue to build and script experiences in the virtual world, we forget how simple it all used to be.  For the most part back in 2007 Second Life was built on it’s own PRIMative building system which gave it’s users freedom to create complex creations in a way …

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Loki gives up the robot legs in Sansar

Sansar is a strange thing. On the one hand it is probably the most advanced of the social VR platforms, on the other hand no ones using it yet if compared to the likes of Second Life. I don’t like to compare Sansar to Second Life since i use Sansar exclusively with my Vive Headset to …

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The 14th Burning of the Wickerman

The Wickerman on Escapades Island this year was significant not just because it was our 14th year doing the digital pagan ritual, but also because it was the first time performed on the new mountain top. The festive experience brings many of my friends together in warmth as we watch the Wickerman slowly burn and fall …

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