#VR is as much about hardware as it is software.

I’ve heard a lot in the past few years how the future is all about the software, it’s the era of the app. But in the worlds of VR it’s still very much about the Hardware. Within the virtual realms of Second Life i remember a few attempts to expand the experience via hardware. The … Read more#VR is as much about hardware as it is software.

Painting the Stranger Escapades Poster

Some might find this of interest, so thought i would share some steps in the process i used to create the Stranger Escapades Poster. It was inspired by Kyle Lambert‘s Drew Struzan style poster to the tv show Stranger Things that i am quite obviously crazy about at the moment. While Kyle didn’t use iPad Pro exclusively … Read morePainting the Stranger Escapades Poster

Escapades Island 6th Anniversary Video

The fun thing about the Escapades Anniversary weekend is that it’s the same events as previous years, but it’s never the same. It’s always a mixture of old friend sand new friends, and the nature of Second Life means you never really know what’s going to happen. So even though we have the same events, the … Read moreEscapades Island 6th Anniversary Video

Escapades Island 6th Anniversary Begins Today

The 6th Anniversary weekend of Escapades Anniversary kicks off today with contests and events for the next two days. I can’t believe Escapades Island has been a thing for six whole years now. It feels old. The place that celebrates nostalgia itself now has its own nostalgia. Ive set up a live stream of four … Read moreEscapades Island 6th Anniversary Begins Today

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