Bento, Babbage Chronicles & Loki Clothing

This year has not started off as well as i had hoped. I managed to get through the holidays without catching any type of sickness then just as i settle down to start projects i develop a cold that takes me out for a whole week. I need my head to be clear and focussed otherwise …

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Waiting for my #VR upgrade

Looking forward to the impending explosion of immersive VR i feel a little bit like an eccentric old timer with a condescending knowing smile. I’ve been using virtual Reality for ten years, i look down at all these upstart VR newbs as they delight in sharing a space with another person as if its the first …

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Still much to still do in 2016

I said at the start of last years project list that SL is still far from dead and again this year as i write down a list of goals for the coming year Second Life is still far from dead.   1. Continue rebuilding and developing Escapades Island. Same goal as last year, and will probably …

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