What if Linden Lab did Hardware?

Its a question i’ve thought about a few times over the years because there is no shortage of examples where Hardware has tried to be part of Second Life. Back in 2008, the days when Xbox Connect was all the giddy rage, there was a video of a Mitch Kapor showing research into plugging SL … Read moreWhat if Linden Lab did Hardware?

Goals outside Second Life

Yes i do actually have a real world Life, although its sometimes hard to detach from SL. Over christmas i managed to hardly login at all, except for my DJ shows and the occasional clean up job due to our current antisocial troll. It’s CES2015 this week were i get all geeky over new tech … Read moreGoals outside Second Life

What are you willing to sacrifice for the next VR platform?

In 2014 HighFidelity accepted Alpha users in their development of a new VR platform. By mid 2014 Linden Lab had announced they were working on a ‘New Thing’ that would be superior to Second Life. So how is this gonna pan out for us still using Second Life? It’s understandable to assume the next version … Read moreWhat are you willing to sacrifice for the next VR platform?

Much still to do in 2015

Last year i wrote a project list, a sort of New Year Resolutions mixed with goals. The fact that i can look at the coming year and have goals to achieve in Second Life shows just how ‘not dead’ Second Life Still is. 1. Continue rebuilding & developing Escapades island. Yup i did this in … Read moreMuch still to do in 2015

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