Oculus DK2 and why it’s just a bit Meh

Arrival of the DK2. So my DK2 arrived just before i was gonna head out the door for a weeks holiday. I thought maybe i can quickly set it up for a half hour play…. but no, the DK2 was not plug n play. It came up with some error where the config could not find …

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The Legend of the SL Experience Tools.

The Myth Many Many years ago at the dawn Second Life’s Dark Ages, after the excitement of Rod Humbles arrival as CEO died down, it was announced at SL Community Convention 2011 (SLCC) that the Lab was messing around with ways to make it easier to do games in SL. Second life has always been great at …

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SL Experiences – The Escapades Island Experience

Escapades island has now been upgraded to the new SL Experiences Feature.   What is Escapades Island? Its an Island of adventure where you can grab a stick from either the Rickety Town Centre or the many Sushi Bars dotted about the island. Explore and bash open boxes, bushes and barrels to find gifts or monsters. …

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Faceshifting Eyes

Immersion is one thing, presence  is another thing entirely. <iframe class=”vine-embed” src=”https://vine.co/v/MYWQIDxlDzQ/embed/simple” width=”600″ height=”600″ Using Faceshift software with facial tracking technology to transfer eye movement and expression to an avatar.

Thoughts on Avatars & Anonymity.

In the UK the topic of online anonymity is being discussed by a House of Lords Select Committee with the aim to curb online abuse from anonymous users..  For me, my avatar presents an interesting gradient to Identity vs anonymity. My SL avatar is my anonymity but also an identity, so its not really anonymity, but …

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