My thoughts on a Second Second Life

So Linden Lab announced they are working on a newer virtual world that will use all the new snazzy new tech that’s making VR a buzz word again, so why is that such  bad thing? It’s not a bad thing, its a great thing. Only a few weeks ago during SVVR i was questioning Drax …

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Second Life, turned up to 11

Since SL10B things have been interesting in that there has been a real focus shift towards Virtual Reality and new platforms,  although it kinda feels Second Life got reluctantly pushed amongst the hip VR crowd… anyways screw all that Oculus VR rubbish.  It wasn’t until i started playing around with High Fidelity that i realised …

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Thinking about this year so far.

Fast approaching half way through this year. So far it’s been a mixed bag in regards to Second Life. We’ve had a new CEO and with him a sort of shrinking sense of the Lab now that they’ve opened the windows to let us peer inside. We see a team struggling with the legacy of …

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