Loki Mesh Clothing Collections

OK this is a commercial post for my clothing range in SL. Predominantly aimed at the Childhood Avatar community but all clothes could fit adults also. It occurred to me while taking snapshots for my marketplace product pictures that i do not showcase my range of clothes as collections. So i have put together a … Read moreLoki Mesh Clothing Collections

Bumble Humble

I don’t think the title has any relevance, it just made me giggle.  I was disappointed when i heard that Rod (rodvik) Humble was leaving Linden Lab. I’m probably as far away from any facts for why he decided to leave and have no idea about CEOs and how they function. When he first showed up … Read moreBumble Humble

The Lost Virtual World Video Documentary

About a week ago i started putting together a blog post about how some of my friends in Second Life use multiple accounts to explore Virtual Space in a way that is sometimes met with hostility and distrust from other users. In the end i did not post the blog post because the ira had … Read moreThe Lost Virtual World Video Documentary

Ui View into SL meme thingy

Some SL bloggers are doing this MEME thing, and the latest meme seems to be about what your Viewer UI arrangement is. There are so many different ways to organise your viewer and some people prefer different things. Some people like lots of buttons available to them, others like to have everything tucked away. Im … Read moreUi View into SL meme thingy

Melancholy start to the year

The problem with starting a new year i find is that i look forward to doing so much that i get confused over what to start with. For instance i have been working on Building a replica working victorian Spinning Mule for New Babbage. At the same time I’ve been looking at SL to Mysql … Read moreMelancholy start to the year

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