Loki Mesh Clothing Collections

OK this is a commercial post for my clothing range in SL. Predominantly aimed at the Childhood Avatar community but all clothes could fit adults also.

It occurred to me while taking snapshots for my marketplace product pictures that i do not showcase my range of clothes as collections. So i have put together a few pictures with item names showing combinations in which my collections could be worn.  Summer this year i hope to start on V4 with many ideas that i learnt with V3 and also possibly Fitted mesh feature, but I’ve still yet to learn how that works.

All these clothes and many more are available at my SL Marketplace store and some are still available in my Inworld Store.






Bumble Humble

I don’t think the title has any relevance, it just made me giggle. 

I was disappointed when i heard that Rod (rodvik) Humble was leaving Linden Lab. I’m probably as far away from any facts for why he decided to leave and have no idea about CEOs and how they function. When he first showed up three years ago there was a fresh feeling of optimism and with his ideas of adding some (in my opinion) much needed extra gaming tools i was very enthusiastic about SL’s future.

I’m disappointed because it seems from my point of view that he’s leaving without completing the one thing i wanted from his reign of SL and the more i think about it the more i start to feel gloomy about what exactly he has brought to SL. Don’t mix this up with what he’s brought to Linden Lab. Rod is leaving Linden Lab packed full of new IP’s, Desura, Patterns, Versu, Blocks World, Creatorverse.. oh and that DIO thing. As some of us lament the parting of Rod, i wonder how those communities in these other ‘creative spaces’ are feeling about a CEO change or if they even know about it?

Rod’s time in LL’s CEO chair may have been the biggest change of all for LL. Already i’ve seen calls for the next CEO to be someone who truly ‘GETS’ what SL is. But the next CEO won’t be solely watching over Second Life anymore, they will be looking to expand the possible success of Patterns and Versu, while reaping the benefits of Desura’s Indy Game Shop. When we think of Linden Lab in relation to Second Life, we are probably thinking about a small secret hidden from view team within Linden Lab now who are in charge of maintaining the grid. I often joke about how i think there is only five people at Linden lab who work on Second Life using many alts. Those User Group Meetings, same People just different Linden Alts :-p

But over all I’m pleased with the improvements Linden Lab has made to SL under Rod’s reign. I got Mesh, and Materials and stability and better region crossings. Things are a lot better and everything looks a lot better. Group Chat was improved and i got addicted to posting snapshots on SLfeed. But these are things that any member of Linden Lab could have gone to any CEO and said ‘this needs to be done’.

I have always been sat patiently waiting for the one thing that i thought we would remember Rod for, and that was to open up the ease of making games and more interactive engaging experiences which i believed and still believe will make the biggest difference to Second Life in ages. Instead it’s been a term of maintenance in Second Life. Maybe this direction is still on the cards if the next CEO agrees with it. I still rez in hope.

In a blog post from last summer, i referred to Rod Humbles time as CEO as SL’s ‘Dark Ages’, a period between the first and second eras of Second Life. Perhaps this is the best analogy i can give for Rob Humbles time at the Lab, i just wasn’t expecting to see him leave before we entered the second age.

I’m still pretty optimistic as it doesn’t feel nearly as bad as it did near the end of M Linden Reign.

The Lost Virtual World Video Documentary

About a week ago i started putting together a blog post about how some of my friends in Second Life use multiple accounts to explore Virtual Space in a way that is sometimes met with hostility and distrust from other users.

Screen-Shot-2014-01-24-at-15.25.45In the end i did not post the blog post because the ira had lead to editing a video that brought together everything that i was currently thinking about with regards to Virtual Reality.

The media is ramping up for another cycle of Virtual Reality Hype and yet Second Life seems no where to be seen. So much has been achieved and still being achieved with virtual reality. It’s not new, it’s been tried and tested within Second Life with some fascinating observations on Human interaction with virtual spaces which includes how some of my friends learn interaction with people by using Multiple Alternative accounts.

Screen-Shot-2014-01-24-at-15.25.55What i ended up with was a collection of videos from youtube that piecing together how i see and feel about Virtual Worlds, Second Life and the possible future of Virtual Reality. At it’s heart it points out what i think a lot of Second Life users know all to well, and that is that Second Life and Virtual reality never went away and is still alive.

The 40 minute compilation of videos from youtube is mentioned on the 3rd episode of the Drax Files Radio hour and is available to watch on Vimeo, Youtube and Telly.

Ui View into SL meme thingy

Some SL bloggers are doing this MEME thing, and the latest meme seems to be about what your Viewer UI arrangement is.

There are so many different ways to organise your viewer and some people prefer different things. Some people like lots of buttons available to them, others like to have everything tucked away.


Im one of these that likes things tucked away while also using Linden Labs main viewer and UI. I’m an early adopter at most things, something new comes out ill try it, if it sticks then i grind my teeth and get used to it. For instance i used to have two windows open for conversations. One for the nearby chat, the second for Instant Messages. Linden lab changed it so it’s all in one window and while I like this, i still find myself typing in the wrong box more than i would like.

I have the usual AO and an old DUMBO flight feather button left corner next to the mini map. I was also a fan of the side bar and so when it was removed i continued to stick the inventory and profile related buttons on the right side, while my builder and communication told are along the bottom.


Melancholy start to the year

The problem with starting a new year i find is that i look forward to doing so much that i get confused over what to start with.

For instance i have been working on Building a replica working victorian Spinning Mule for New Babbage. At the same time I’ve been looking at SL to Mysql databases in an attempt to create a reliable score keeping system that won’t disable if  anything in SL is reset. I hit a snag though as my Hosting service is behind the times so I’m having to consider a new hosting service which is going to delay my SL work. There is also the Fitted Mesh feature thats now moved to release candidate beta and i’ve yet to figure out how to use it for future products.

I also had a crisis moment trying to decide what is the best way to communicate with my community. People use so many different ways to get notices and info from Second Life groups now its frustratingly complicated. In all i think there are now 5 or 6 separate avenues of communicating the same information. Inworld Group Chat, Group notices, SLfeed, Facebook, twitter, plurk. I wish there was some beautifully organised centralised place to go to for group communication and one button to send notices out to all not just Facebook.

The melancholy feeling i have comes from the feeling that I’m being less and less social in Second Life as the communications become more fragmented and all i do is build and build, and post messages on twitter and SL feed. I don’t play in SL.

So thats my New Year moaning done, which is basically the same moan as last year and the year before. Why am i the only one who thinks group communications could be so much better with a tiny bit of thought put into it.