T H E W E L L 2 : Sollicitus – Horror Experience in SL

Last year i made an experience which was and experiment to see wether i could actually scare SL users with an experience in Second Life. The result was pleasingly popular with many saying they had lots of fun being made to jump out of their skin. While they loved the experience many did say it … Read moreT H E W E L L 2 : Sollicitus – Horror Experience in SL

Eight years invested in Second Life

So here we are, my rez day marking 8 years in Second Life. I haven’t received my Linden Cake yet, maybe they don’t do that anymore or maybe it hasn’t been sent yet cos its early in america. As usual i made a pic showing my avatar through the years. My head has stayed pretty … Read moreEight years invested in Second Life

Are all Second Life users fools?

Many have argued over wether Second Life is a game, or merely a platform where games can be created. Over the years some have proposed that a lack of defined goals to your Second Life existence is the reason behind SL’s poor recurring user base. That perhaps adding more gaming and achievements to SL will … Read moreAre all Second Life users fools?

Oculus Zombie Smash Party

Every now and then i like to go hack at zombies to relieve stress. This week i visited Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse thanks to a suggestion by my friend Flok. I always find that the first 15 to 20 minutes is spent finding the right weapon to use. I settled on an Axe while … Read moreOculus Zombie Smash Party

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