Three years of Loki Mesh clothes – what i’ve learnt.

This week sees the release of my 3rd generation of mesh clothes almost marking three years since i first started using mesh to make clothes for small avatars. So what has been learnt in those three years?  Its not simply make a shirt, weight map it to the provided Avatar Rig and import it. Well … Read moreThree years of Loki Mesh clothes – what i’ve learnt.

The Big Black Box Arrived – UPDATED #2

Was supposed to be working on new clothes today but something arrived in the post to change that plan. Im a virtual world geek, not really a developer. Maybe ill learn some use for oculus while trying to apply my skills learnt for the SL Platform on Unity3D. It’s fine that Linden Lab are working … Read moreThe Big Black Box Arrived – UPDATED #2

Materials Post Mortem

No content creator in Second Life can deny that the addition of customisable normal and specular maps has pathed the way to some outstanding visuals never seen before on the grid. The addition of this new feature has been rather swift and without to much troubles technically. SL started sort of like minecraft where you … Read moreMaterials Post Mortem

Expanding the Loki Mesh Store

Ok i got my business hat on for this post, if you don’t know already i have my own Mesh Clothing line. In fact it was over two years ago i started experimenting with mesh on the Beta Grid, and it’s coming up to 2 years ago that i released my first range of mesh … Read moreExpanding the Loki Mesh Store

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