We’re sorry, but something went wrong

I think for the most part  hardcore Second Life users are a rather forgiving bunch. To be an SL user is to have learnt the art of patience and tolerance. Its hard for me to find another example where i pay a premium for software that i spend most of the time learning work arounds … Read moreWe’re sorry, but something went wrong

Starships, PEW PEW!

Ok so its no secret that ive in the past week been messing about with some Star Trek models i found on the web. Originally i made the enterprise for my friend Billy who is a big Star Trek fan. I prefer to reference culture rather than replicate it in SL, but in this case … Read moreStarships, PEW PEW!

Getting physical in Second Life

For years I’ve seen youtube videos of people experimenting with all sorts of ways to control Second Life. I remember this vid by Mitch Kapor who was a chair at Linden Lab. It showed a kinnect style motion camera interacting with SL and much was said about how this would change the face of virtual … Read moreGetting physical in Second Life

SL10B – Aftermath

First a big thank you to all the volunteers who brought SL10B together, a marvellous job. Sim performance seemed better than ever before due in part to the great shared knowledge of the organisers and the Exhibitors. On the opening day i hardly experienced any lag and was kind of disappointed that i would not … Read moreSL10B – Aftermath

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