I cant control how you see my world.

Every now and then Second Life seems to get into this ‘THINGS ARE HAPPENING’ atmosphere, and thats whats currently happening now. Those who know and in the know will know that we are approaching the 10th anniversary celebrations, Oculus Rift is just around the corner as is the now called ‘Experience keys’ system and the … Read moreI cant control how you see my world.

Content Creation Conundrum

Freedom is a major part of the second life experience. Freedom to be who you want, do what you want and build what you want. Did it ever occur to some of us that being able to build what ever we wanted could be a major factor in why the grid struggles sometimes. In the … Read moreContent Creation Conundrum

Celebrating Second Life

It’s not long now…. All through the year there are events that i take part in. All through the year there are many events i dont take part in.   Events are what make Second Life really tick. Being in second life and understanding what to do is an achievement in itself, but to then … Read moreCelebrating Second Life

Escapades Beltaine Wickerman 2013

It’s become a greatly anticipated event to those who have experienced it before and each year the crowd grows in numbers. I’d say this year it was double the size of last year and thanks to the SLfeed we even had people pop up who just randomly caught a post promoting the event minutes before … Read moreEscapades Beltaine Wickerman 2013

Pathfinding Post Mortem

Im starting to see a pattern in how i get excited about new features in SL. The fun and excitement comes from the announcement then the downloading of the development viewers to test on the Beta Grid. The blogging about how it will add so much to Second Life once they iron out the bugs. … Read morePathfinding Post Mortem

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