Second Life Materials Feature is AWESOME!

Just how important is the new materials feature to Second Life content creators? You need to have deferred rendering enabled (thats lighting and shadows to regular users or as LL have renamed it ‘Advanced Lighting’) which for most people means killing your SL experience. I’m on top spec iMac. I sold my grandma and parents … Read moreSecond Life Materials Feature is AWESOME!

Thinking ahead to Oculus immersion.

Ive been watching the Oculus Rift stuff with interest and of course wondered if it would ver be supported by SL. With Draxtor overspilling with excitement at Linden Labs CEO’s comments on an Oculus Facebook page i’ve had deeper thoughts on the subject. It’ll never be as simple as just putting on a headset and … Read moreThinking ahead to Oculus immersion.

The Secrets of Mesh Landimpact

I’m hearing more and more SL creators saying that the Landimpact calculation is borked and that LL should change it. I don’t agree with this at all, i believe Linden Lab have done a very good job with mesh and its resource calculations and I’m a better 3D modeller because of this. Before i try … Read moreThe Secrets of Mesh Landimpact

The Rabid Rabbits Game – A break Down

Each Easter holiday on Escapades i throw together an experience that requires my island friends to be a little creative. In 2011 they decorated little Eggmen, in 2012 they decorated Eggs. This year they were required to decorate little Rabbit Statues which visitors to the island must collect as part of a new game called … Read moreThe Rabid Rabbits Game – A break Down

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