Mocap Adventures – Part 3

In my last post i had discovered the Kinect for windows was a faulty pile of junk after going out and getting an Xbox connect which works fine. Fastmocap: Motion capture for everyone? Finally i started to mess about with Fastmocap and experiment with it’s capabilities. The software is as simple as it can get. … Read moreMocap Adventures – Part 3

Sharing Shared Spaces

I was reading some tech news about the announced PS4 today and while I’m mostly interested in its graphical upgrades the tech industry are mostly interested in the ‘funky new social shit’ that the PS4 will offer. The idea being that the PS4 will give players the ability to share share and share. From simply … Read moreSharing Shared Spaces

New Escapades Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at Nemo beach has been there since the start. Everyone who makes a sea side location wants a lighthouse coz lighthouses are kool!   Originally the lighthouse was a simple collection of basic shapes and upgraded it once with a sculpty prim to add extra detail while keeping prim cost down since the … Read moreNew Escapades Lighthouse

Mocap Adventures – Part 2

  It’s been a week since i last blogged about the mocap stuff. Since then i’ve been and bought a new power cable from ebay, and for a moment the Kinect worked only for it to crash Fastmocap software. NI-Mate which is another kinect mocap software could not recognise the sensor at all. I unistalled, … Read moreMocap Adventures – Part 2

Meshing up the the Rubber Ducky Cabin

Im getting  a bit quicker at making mesh buildings now due to learning enough tricks with duplicating and using multiple parts of a texture. The original had a buig sculpty rubber duck on it that would appear as a big blob for ages before loading. Coming in at 41 land impact with a display cost … Read moreMeshing up the the Rubber Ducky Cabin

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