Goony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

I only blog about the goony adventures that impress. For those who aren’t familiar the Goony Adventures are every last friday of the month and consists of my friends gathering to go somewhere new to explore. Sometimes places end up being glorified shopping malls, some places are real small boring places. Occasionally though we find … Read moreGoony Adventure – The Doomed Ship

Update On Escapades Island and other work

Thought id make a quick post about whats going on with Escapades Island and my Babbage work. Back in November i stopped work on Escapades stuff to focus on upgrading my Steampunk New Babbage stuff. I released a completely new range of Steampunk working class clothing before moving onto rebuild my buildings there. Starting with … Read moreUpdate On Escapades Island and other work


During my little brother Gemini’s DJ show at the Vortex this week i took the time to try out LL’s CHUI viewer (Communication Hub User Interface). For those who are still oblivious to what CHUI is, it’s a development trial viewer testing out a new way to present Chat features in Second Life. During Gemini’s … Read moreLOKI vs CHUI

What i want SL groups to be

I love Sl profile Feeds, it’s open in a web page while i work so i can reply and laugh at peoples adventures in SL. My mind boggles at why this is’nt a feature thats being used by every Sl resident. Maybe they just dont know about it, or turn up their noses ‘Tiz but … Read moreWhat i want SL groups to be

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