Sketches of 2013

So here i have a video showing some of the sketches i created while conceptualising projects for Second Life. If you have seen some of my projects this year such as The Sand Fairy, The Well 2 or SL10B Behemoth then you might recognise some of the scruffy sketches. Thank you again everyone who enjoys … Read moreSketches of 2013

Loki’s Predictions and hopes for 2014 in Second Life.

If you read my previous Blog post you will know that i’ve had a rather spiffing busy eventful 2013 leaving me in a positive mood for 2014 and i will share my hopes for the new year as soon as i’ve discussed how my predictions faired for 2013. Last year i stated “the lab’s codenamed … Read moreLoki’s Predictions and hopes for 2014 in Second Life.

Review of my 2013 in Second Life

There have been a few reviews of Second Life 2013 already and i don’t know how mine will differ being that i’ll be discussing only the things that have effected me this year, so if your second life has any similarities to mine then you may find this interesting. 2013 started with a lot of … Read moreReview of my 2013 in Second Life

Egnog the Troll arrives at Escapades Island baring FREE GIFTS!

As has been the Tradition on my virtual island since the days of Goony Island, Egnog the Christmas Troll has once again arrived. For those who don’t know, Egnog replaced Santa as the gift giving giant after Santa was perms-banned for showing his nipples. Since then Virtual kids and adult avatars from all across the … Read moreEgnog the Troll arrives at Escapades Island baring FREE GIFTS!


Experience Permissions are still not here. It’s got to the point where I’m talking to someone who does not use Second Life and I’m explaining what I’ve recently been doing with story telling and HUDS and RPG. They genuinely get excited and suggest ideas that I’ve obviously already thought about but cant implement due to … Read moreTHE STATE OF PLAY

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