The silent hidden frontier of Second Life

I used to play games on other systems, i used to play RPGs. Not world of warcraft but i did have a go at Star Wars: The Old Republic and while i enjoyed it, i quickly got fed up of having to bootcamp into windows. Plus the server situation annoyed me when i wanted to … Read moreThe silent hidden frontier of Second Life

T H E W E L L – Aftermath

So the scary Halloween experience after four weeks planning and just two weeks open to visitors has gone from over 500 visits a day while on destination login screen to levelling out to 150 after dropping off editors choice. For this experience i had two counters set up. One for when people first arrive at … Read moreT H E W E L L – Aftermath

#Steampunking it back into Babbage #SL

Returning to New Babbage this year brings excitement of a different kind. For the past five years I’ve returned with a story to tell while updating my builds and getting back into the smoggy spirit of things. This year however things will be different. This time last year i was hard at work setting up … Read more#Steampunking it back into Babbage #SL

Franchise, Fanbase, Copyright, FIGHT!!!!

As a long time GEEK who has grown up with many franchises it feels like right now we are arriving at a point in time where Fanbase, franchise and copyright are about to collide in some super spatial vortex thingy of doom. Back in the day as a kid if my parents could not buy … Read moreFranchise, Fanbase, Copyright, FIGHT!!!!

Scaring in Second Life – The making of ‘T H E W E L L’

About a month ago i took a group of my Goony friends to a haunted hospital destination. That type of ‘haunted’ destination was becoming more and more common where you look around, see ghosts appear then fade away, with spooky set pieces and eerie sounds. While the rest of the gang was looking around and … Read moreScaring in Second Life – The making of ‘T H E W E L L’

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