Seven years invested in Second Life

It was my 7th Rez Day yesterday and i waited all day for my special email from the Lab wishing me happy rez day. But as the clock struck 12am the next day i went o bed a little disappointed. Strangely though i woke this morning to find in my inbox a message from the … Read moreSeven years invested in Second Life

Work In Progress

Just to give my friends a run down of what i’m currently working on that might interest them. We are halfway through my Mesh Crash Course and so far no ones come to me with any issues yet. After the course is complete , i’ll get some feed back formt he students and then look … Read moreWork In Progress

What would a mobile Second Life be?

I like playing the guessing game with Second Life’s future. A lot of people do.   When LL bought Avatars United, i tried to guess how they might use the tech with SL. Yeh didn’t work out how i thought, but still we got SLfeed and i can’t live without that now. SLfeed, Planned or … Read moreWhat would a mobile Second Life be?

Patterns, a game Isambard Kingdom Brunel would find addictive.

Im one of the people who signed up to the Genesis version of Patterns, the new venture from Linden Lab. Im not gonna review it, I’m not gonna blog about the things that stood out as being frustrating since it’s not properly released until next year so anything can change. Instead ill try and write this as … Read morePatterns, a game Isambard Kingdom Brunel would find addictive.

New tools & Cheese Fairies

We’ve seen Linden Realms with it’s auto teleporting abilities, it’s auto attaching temp HUDs that remember your last score. We’ve been crushed by giant rocks that wandered around then chased us and caused us to be auto teleported to a re-spawn point…. Almost a year later i still can’t reproduce this on own island. But … Read moreNew tools & Cheese Fairies

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