Loki Goes to #SL9B

Last year i decided to create a Machinima video trying to capture the atmosphere of SL8B. A sort of souvenir of the event because eventually all the wonderful ideas disappear and the regions get repurposed. So this year i went back with screen capture software at the ready and spent 18 hours loving in and … Read moreLoki Goes to #SL9B

#SL9B – doing things different

  The Lindens chose to not organise the community anniversary expo this year. Instead they chose to highlight peoples creations on the destination guide, and while many might think this was Linden Lab trying to distance themselves from the community i saw it as an interesting experiment opportunity . Every year we gather in  true … Read more#SL9B – doing things different

#SL9B ‘My School Project’ or ‘Loki sucks up to Linden Lab’

Sucking up to Linden Lab? hardly. Im just fed up of the way we berate Linden Lab. Walking around the SL9B community expo i see so much stuff that was not even possible this time last year. The huge Lake stage created using mesh with the new mega size that came with mesh and animating … Read more#SL9B ‘My School Project’ or ‘Loki sucks up to Linden Lab’

The significance of SL9B for me

I grew up in a quaint small village with three pubs in england. Time was slower and annual events sparse and big with history and tradition. These were events the community would get excited over together, it was not a nationwide commercial celebration, it was local and we made ourselves. Sainsburys did not stock up … Read moreThe significance of SL9B for me


Some places you know about but rarely visit. You know who runs them and hear what goes on there and you wish you had more time to sample the atmosphere. The best places in SL are the ones that story and community grow up around and Undercity is one of these places. Undercity is the … Read moreUndercity

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