The Theory of LOD – Understanding LOD in Mesh can help reduce land impact #SL

LOD is one of the biggest factors that determines the land impact of your Uploaded mesh Objects, yet many people who are getting into mesh do not fully understand how LOD effects land impact . Here i will try and explain with little squiggly drawings in order to help new mesh makers reduce their land … Read moreThe Theory of LOD – Understanding LOD in Mesh can help reduce land impact #SL

Comparing the beach Cabins #Sl #SLmesh

Nothing new to ad to my Mesh building skills other than realising that you can use previous models to help build new ones. Part of my Meshing up Escapades island is rebuilding the Basic Beach Cabins. There are three types of Cabins available on the island to rent, Beach Cabins, Stilt Cabins and Barrel Cabins. … Read moreComparing the beach Cabins #Sl #SLmesh

It’s all blinking coming together

I Have huge plans for Escapades island, HUGE, proper cutting edge SL stuff, so cutting edge that the tools needed to do it are not yet available on the main grid. My approach to all this would make Douglas Adams possibly proud in the way i just bumble along until everything connects on its own … Read moreIt’s all blinking coming together

The Making of the New Mesh Clubhouse #SL #SLmesh

Slowly over the course of this year i shall be converting the vast majority of Builds from Prims & Sculpties to Mesh. The reduction in performance costs on the island should reduce as the more stuff is converted to Mesh. By  far the biggest Mesh project i have done to date has been the rebuilding … Read moreThe Making of the New Mesh Clubhouse #SL #SLmesh

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