Fun with #Pathfinding objects #SL

During the week i jumped over to the Beta grid to try out the new Pathfinder tools.

If you do not yet know what this is, it’s basically a new set of scripting commands that give objects better mobility.

At the moment with my island monsters such as the Goblins and Rats i use an old method of detecting avatars. Basically the script tells the Goblin to scan the area and locate nearest avatar and move towards said avatar. The result of these scan pulses is a rather jerky, step by step movement.

What the new pathfinder commands do is automate a totally new set of object behaviour. So for instance you can set an object to scan for the nearest avatar and it will peruse with  smooth movement. You also get new behaviours such as follow, evade and wander. There are several more that add to making a real dynamic object “character’.

So how easy is it to implement?

Well as I’ve said before, I’m no awesome scripter, a lot of my stuff is done by copy pasting what others have done and I’m happy to say you can do that here. On the Pathfinding Wiki page are examples of the scripting commands which you can simply pop into an object and away it goes. My first test was to make my Animated Mesh Rats run around using the ‘llWanderWithin‘ command.

My second test was with the ‘llPursue ‘ command which i placed into an R2 unit i just happened to have in my pocket.

The real awesomeness comes from the new system used to allow objects to move. You may have noticed that R2 not only follows me pretty smoothly over a long distance, but it also climbs up a spiral pathway to reach me without flying.

This is due to the pathfinder mapping of a region, a new addition to estate tools. It’s like an invisible layer that is mapped over the region and it’s static objects and it’s this map that pathfinder enabled objects use to calculate what surface they can walk on and what route to take to achieve their directives.

Of course me being the way i am, my mind is going bonkers over the possibilities for new monsters, characters, pets, and maybe in future other stuff like vehicles and particles. Pathfinding is still in it’s early stages as there are still some bugs to iron out, but I’m really looking forward to creating some real nice dynamic creatures to bash on my island soon 🙂

You can check it all out yourself by visiting the beta grid pathfinder Alpha regions 

Loki Jumps off the Grid #SL #SLmesh

I have seen people creating quite nice replacement full body avatars, but i personally think that people do not want to loose their sense of identity with the base mesh of the SL Avatar. Even child avatars who end up horribly squished and deformed would rather keep their scrunched look than to have their face replaced with well crafted Mesh body and head.

So i’ve been trying my best to give my friends Avatar improvements that won’t replace their faces. The Clothes are modelled to give a more real appearance, less squished, and the new legs give proper toes and natural movement.

With The Legs, hooded tops and shorts done it finally occurred to me that Loki is mostly made of mesh now so in theory i could import him into any 3D program, and below is my first rendered image. This is the Loki you see in Second Life, but rendered in blender.



This is the first time Loki has been seen off the Grid in another program.

What possibilities does this open for Loki? perhaps a 3D printed action figure? :-p


Loki Mesh Legs & Feet


I was fed up with not having actual toes, my avatars feet have been for years simple blocks of mesh with a crappy texture of feet… that is until now. The arrival of Mesh has allowed a transplanting technique of sorts. I wanted to create feet using mesh but not replace my entire avatar. I wanted to be able to keep the distinctive face of my avatar. In the end i produced replacement legs that are a replication of my SL avatar legs but with the feet recreated from scratch with more detail. These feet bend at the angle and look natural compared to the old style Sculpty feet.

Skin Tone/ Lengths / Sizes

Skin Tone: There are 7 flesh tonal variations to choose from. Choose the one closets to your current skin for best results. The Legs are ‘Modify’ so if you wish you can adjust the ‘tint’ of the object to be even closer to your skins colour.

Skin Tones to choose from



Lengths: Each pack has 4  lengths Full, Shortshorts, Longshorts, Longpants – allowing more variation in clothing outfits. Loki Mesh Legs were designed to be compatible with Loki mesh Clothing range but you may find them compatible with non Loki Mesh Clothing. Not sure about the compatibility? get hold of the FREE Demo Pack.

Sizes: Depending on your avatar size, there are 3 sizes to choose from. Little Kid avatars will look best in SMALL size, Tween/Teen avatars best in MEDIUM while Adult Avatars would look best with LARGE. If you are not sure on what size, get hold of the FREE Demo pack.

Alpha Layer Clothing.

I have tried to bring as much compatibility as possible with the Legs & Feet. Included in each pack are two Alpha Layers to hide your underlaying avatar shape. For those who want to try out other

possibilities i have created a new Alpha Layers Catalogue Pack. With over 80 different variations of Alpha Layers for Upper body, Lower Body and for Phoenix Users Full Body Alpha layers. All Catalogued and numbered for easy reference.


Alpha Pack available on Market place

And here you can find Phoenix Viewer Alpha Layers specifically created for Loki Mesh Clothes


I hope you will enjoy your new toes…


Blog moved!

So i’ve finally done it, i have moves my Blog away from Evil Google and am hosting it myself.

Need a few weeks to get things in proper order but it will be nice having the freedom to mess around with this blog.

iI hope people will follow me to this blog for the latest in my Adventures in SL and making Mesh :-p. To start with i have been busy experimenting with upgrading my avatar with new Skin, Hair and FEET. Using mesh to see if i could give my avatar toes. After that i plan to see what other parts of my avatars body i can replace with mesh.

It’s all very cyborgy :-p