Fun with #Pathfinding objects #SL

During the week i jumped over to the Beta grid to try out the new Pathfinder tools. If you do not yet know what this is, it’s basically a new set of scripting commands that give objects better mobility. At the moment with my island monsters such as the Goblins and Rats i use an … Read moreFun with #Pathfinding objects #SL

Loki Jumps off the Grid #SL #SLmesh

I have seen people creating quite nice replacement full body avatars, but i personally think that people do not want to loose their sense of identity with the base mesh of the SL Avatar. Even child avatars who end up horribly squished and deformed would rather keep their scrunched look than to have their face … Read moreLoki Jumps off the Grid #SL #SLmesh

Loki Mesh Legs & Feet

Introduction I was fed up with not having actual toes, my avatars feet have been for years simple blocks of mesh with a crappy texture of feet… that is until now. The arrival of Mesh has allowed a transplanting technique of sorts. I wanted to create feet using mesh but not replace my entire avatar. … Read moreLoki Mesh Legs & Feet

Blog moved!

So i’ve finally done it, i have moves my Blog away from Evil Google and am hosting it myself. Need a few weeks to get things in proper order but it will be nice having the freedom to mess around with this blog. iI hope people will follow me to this blog for the latest … Read moreBlog moved!

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