Loki’s Predictions for #SL 2012

I spent more time in SL this year than last year Predictions for SL have started popping up and for the most part they paint a rather pessimistic view.   I think last year most of my friends and i were tired of the stagnation, but blimey what a year 2011 has been! So i’ve … Read moreLoki’s Predictions for #SL 2012

Another Year of Change in My Second Life #SL

This is not predictions for next year but rather a comparative look at what i wrote this time last year. 1. Land. I spoke about how the old system of renting shopping space to help pay for over priced tier was gone thanks to market place and linden homes. So what happened during 2011? nothing … Read moreAnother Year of Change in My Second Life #SL

llSay(0,"Roleplaying Games and Trolls and Lag OH MY") #SL

It’s that week between christmas when you sit back and relax with left overs and rubbish tv….  well thats what it’s supposed to be. In stead i have been popping into SL every couple of hours to check on SIM performance and dealing with user questions regarding the Dark Aether Falls game. The Dark Aether … Read morellSay(0,"Roleplaying Games and Trolls and Lag OH MY") #SL

The Dark Aether falls Mini Game of Clue Hunting and Bug Zapping #SL

This weekend will hopefully see my latest attempt at a game added to SL destination guide (fingers crossed).  Part of a much BIGGER story. Part of the fifth New Babbage Chronicles Roleplay game in Second Life is is designed as a simple clue hunt game to uncover a small part of the overall story The … Read moreThe Dark Aether falls Mini Game of Clue Hunting and Bug Zapping #SL

Goonys visit the Linden Realms #SL #Slgames

So i finally got round to visiting the Linden Realms game and wow.  Straight away I’m hit with ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT!???” Over the last year i have battled with the limitations of second life when making basic gaming experiences that are familiar to those from proper games. Other than the basic cause and … Read moreGoonys visit the Linden Realms #SL #Slgames

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