Is region server sharing resource impact a myth?

What ever happend to the argument Linden Lab used to justify the price hikes that many angry customers described as the great ‘bait and switch’. 

If I remember right during the blog and forum flame wars that followed LL’s announcement to up tier and reduce prim allowance, there was a revelation or story that openspace regions shared a server with four others. The idea being that an open space was a quarter of the resources of a full sim and while a full region enjoyed the resources of one server, four open spaces shared resources of on server. The story was that after Linden Lab made a descission to offer more prim allowance on open spaces, people started using them to creat resource hogs that took server resources away from regions sharing the server.

So LL decided to tackle their lack of foresight by renaming the current open space configuration to ‘homestead’ then uppimg the price, while capping the amount of concurrent visitors to just 20 and threatening script limitations…. It was a bitter time, that still hurts, dam them.

But things are moving on and LL are all different now possibly. But while looking into lag spikes on my full private region I discovered LL now put a full region on a server with up to thirteen others. I can imagine times have changed and servers improved, but would the same argument for the price hike be valid now?

By using the excuse they gave back then I end up wondering is my regions performance at the mercy of the seven other regions on the same server as me? What do Linden Lab do to make sure the service I pay a large amount for every month is not impeded by my server neighnours? Or i. or has it always just been an urban myth conjured by the lab to justify the great ‘bait and switch’.

Updated my Loki Blog at last #SL

It’s been a while since i updated my Loki Blog. Needed to make it wider and update the images. I also decided to change the name of the blog since it’s no longer about the SL Goonies, thats not to say there will not be any SL Goony related tom-foolery in future.

I had a look at the Dynamic Templates Google are offering on Blogger, they were fun but lack customisation and widgets. They seemed ok for the tumblr folk. 
Anyways i decided on just using a basic template with a customised back ground, nothing special. XD
And to finish this short post off, i opened SL to login in today to see myself on the login screen. My Zombie Worm game made front page LOL. Luckily my face was behind a spooky mask 😛