The escapades at #SL8B – my thoughts

The 8th Birthday festival of the Virtual World of  Second Life is entering its second week, but for most the party is over with events coming to a close.  This second week allows people to walk around minus the parties and lag inducing crazy events, but to be honest i found the lag quite minimal, this …

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Goony Adventure: Bronyville & Liberty Cove [UPDATED]

So for June the Goonies Gathered at the Clubhouse before teleporting to a place thats got a bit of buzz recently for its crazyness. Some of the greatest moments in SL are born from the memes of the net and Bronyville is one of them. I’ve seen a few of my friends pick up a My …

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Goony Adventure: Lemondrop’s Forest

OK i forgot to post this last month oops. Last month’s Adventure took place on the amazingly immersive brooding world of Lemondrop’s Forest. A atmospheric world of giant mushrooms with paths that lead to a colourful town. What i loved about this place was the sense of size. It’s easy to forget that this is all …

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