The escapades at #SL8B – my thoughts

The 8th Birthday festival of the Virtual World of  Second Life is entering its second week, but for most the party is over with events coming to a close. 

This second week allows people to walk around minus the parties and lag inducing crazy events, but to be honest i found the lag quite minimal, this might be due to my BEAST of an iMac and the new viewer2 devs knocked out each day that i use and test.
I am always amazed at the feeling one can get when immersed in the virtual festival atmosphere. Real Lifers mock me about that, questioning the validity of calling it a festival atmosphere when there is no smell, no real world sense. I guess you have to question what a festival is. Is it the smell? is it the sunshine, is it the live sounds, or is it the sharing, the communicating with others who are experiencing the same spontaneous event.
A lot of real lifers still don’t comprehend that there is a reality to the virtual reality. There is a person behind the avatars, their is a talent behind the live musicians and singers, and there is an artist behind the creations.
I’d like to thank all those wonderful people who put so much thought and effort into a wonderful festival of colour, sound and interactivity. Some exhibits were playful ideas of fun while others encouraged thoughtful debate. I saw things id never seen before and left me wondering how it was done.
Every time i arrived at the Main stage their was some amazing Singer performing and i was greeted with happy bouncy people from around the world. It was amazing fun. I was also amazed at how often i bumped into people i knew simply while walking around the place. Makes me wonder if the nubbier of active users is actually more than a couple hundred lol.
I really need to thank everyone of the Escapades Team who helped with our own exhibit. What started off as a “oh jeez i don’t have time for this” ended up a wonderful fun group effort using our collective knowledge of what works in SL what doesn’t work in SL and what might work if we deed this and that to the floor.
The comments i’ve had have expressed the fun people have had exploring the exhibit. It was also fun watching people enter through the magic book, seeing them go around all the interactive elements. How they decide which way to go first, how they first try to interact with things. I find that all very fascinating.
I spent two days walking around and filmed 2 hours of video which i condensed down to 4 minutes. Sorry if your exhibit did not make the video.
On sunday the Escapades team had a party inside the Magical Land of Make Believe and i, Gemini & Gadget DJ’d music to who ever wanted to party with us.
I included a counter to count each person who visited the exhibit and even though they seem quite low, it matters not. There was SO much stuff out there to see im not surprised at the stats.
I’m more positive about Second Life than ever before. I like the New CEO Rodders, he has a nerdy charm to rival the late Phillip’s ability to sweet talk the community, but he also seems active in the world and thats important. I saw him at the main stage as a floating space ship which made me smile.

SL8B reminded me that there are still many people fully engaged in SL, that perhaps some of us spend to much time looking out of SL instead of seeing whats already here and should be given attention. With Mesh plus other interesting stuff heading our way this year, SL9B should be something more special than any SL event seen yet.

If you have not yet been to the Magical Land of make Believe then you still have time this week.

SL8B: The Dad who Forgot!

At this magical build, read the giant “magic book” and follow the journey of a boy and his father as they explore the magical land of make believe.

Visit in Second Life

Goony Adventure: Bronyville & Liberty Cove [UPDATED]

So for June the Goonies Gathered at the Clubhouse before teleporting to a place thats got a bit of buzz recently for its crazyness. Some of the greatest moments in SL are born from the memes of the net and Bronyville is one of them.

I’ve seen a few of my friends pick up a My little Pony cell shaded cartoon avatar, and i have seen the fanmade trailers based around the new My Little Pony Cartoons. What you get when you take that meme into SL is absolute crazyness and i love that.

We arrived to a rainbow filled sim with nice lil houses, but what was great was the amount of people there with their personalised Ponies of different kinds.

The Goonies arrived to find a whole mass of Ponies happy slapping each other, or maybe they were worshiping the giant shoe , i was’nt quite sure.

Anyway Bronyville was quite fun but soon it was time to go to our second destination of the evening….

[UPDATE] Nat corrected me i thought it was Pronyville, but its Bronyville

Sextan Shepherd has become a recognised name throughout Second Life, for his work on the now gone Nemo regions. I admire his attention to detail with texturing, if he published a book about texturing i would buy it! HINT.

The Goonies arrived at his latest work, the homestead region known as ‘Liberty Cove‘. (Perhaps a much cheaper a fair than the huge Nemo regions.)

It starts off as a wonderful winding street with shops showcasing Sextans work for sale.

Then walking across the rocky island the Goonies came across a strange machine machine in an old temple like building. All beautifully textured as expected from Sextan.

Crossing a bridge we also discovered other delights. My new Computer helped me take full advantage of how great the Sim looked enhancing what was already a wonderful steampunk atmosphere.

Some of this place is still under construction so i will probably return in future to see whats been added. Definitely check it out!

Anyway Much fun was had by all who ventured with us.

Goony Adventure: Lemondrop’s Forest

OK i forgot to post this last month oops. Last month’s Adventure took place on the amazingly immersive brooding world of Lemondrop’s Forest.

A atmospheric world of giant mushrooms with paths that lead to a colourful town. What i loved about this place was the sense of size. It’s easy to forget that this is all on one region, there is so many places hidden around the corner.

My favourite part was finding the Poo factory, and of course being a boy i relished the sillyness of it.

The Goonies somehow got split into two groups which is rare, each group discovering their own things.

With fun little cars, gondollas and other fun things to find its a very Awesome place, i recommend everyone visit Lemondrop’s Forest.