Loki’s Mum steps in to do MiniMix

As some of you had heard my cousin did not turn up to do the super Minimix for a new segment of my weekly show. Instead my Mum courageously stepped in to pick up the decks and well, you heard. If you missed the show you can hear an edit of the mix below. Loki’s … Read moreLoki’s Mum steps in to do MiniMix

Levelling up in #SL

I looked at splitting the different layers of SL interaction into Levels of skill achievements. Level 0: Spectator Characteristics: looks like one of the default avatars. Seems kind of clumsy in their movement. Talks alot Skills: Basic Viewer prohibits them from doing anything other than walk and talk. Achieved by: Making a second life account. … Read moreLevelling up in #SL

#SL is full of hobbyists

So i had a town meeting on my #SL island yesterday to discuss recent activities and future ideas.  I discussed with my friends about the fact we get lots of visitors to the island, but how do we get them to contribute to the tier especially when they are in basic viewer and cant buy. In … Read more#SL is full of hobbyists

#SLbasicViewer – a perfect view into our world.

I remember posting a response to a blog post last year about making a basic viewer with all the complex rubbish removed, so i was gobsmacked to see LL have gone and done this. Already there are cries of “NOooOOoOo you are removing the heart and soul of SL”. I think it needs to be … Read more#SLbasicViewer – a perfect view into our world.

Who in their right mind would want to develop in #Secondlife #SL

All this experience that i have learnt, all that i can do on this virtual platform, how much is it worth and to who? Where Facebook allows people to develop apps for its community, we in SL build experiences. Unlike Second life though, Facebooks apps are much easily shared between its community with ‘share this’ … Read moreWho in their right mind would want to develop in #Secondlife #SL

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