#SL Goonies and the Giant Claw of DOOM!

It came down from high above the clouds and slowed to a halt above Myrtil’s magnificent windmill. A Hovering machine with three propellers, beneath which hung a huge claw. The Goonies only had minutes to gather before the claw clamped down on top the windmill.  The call had be shouted, and the Goonies came prepared … Read more#SL Goonies and the Giant Claw of DOOM!

Second Life, brands, and theatre :) #SL

A friend of mine told me he met with an prominent Ad agency who told him “second life is dead“ and my friend shares the opinion. The Marketing industry is  not interested, the hype turned out to just be hype, they feel SL was a scam and have moved onto the bigger players in Social … Read moreSecond Life, brands, and theatre 🙂 #SL

**EXCLUSIVE** New #SL Destination guide App for iPad

A mobile application to browse, rate and plan places to visit in second life. Taking the destination guide further into social possibilities. It’s Aims.1) to allow current SL residents to locate and promote their favourite places.2) to allow none SL users a quick easy guide to the awesome places in SL with tips on how … Read more**EXCLUSIVE** New #SL Destination guide App for iPad

Chapter 2: #SL Goonies and the Deadly Custard

It would appear i forgot to blog about the particular event. After the madness of the Sky platform drama the Goonies quickly discovered that the Grand Master had written up Dastardly Plans to irritate the Goonies and stop their fun. Deep down in the Secret Underground base are drawings of what the Grand Master plans … Read moreChapter 2: #SL Goonies and the Deadly Custard

Goonies Adventure – Barbee

So it’s another month and another Goony Adventure exploring the deep far regions of Second Life. This month we visited a rather artistically surreal place called ‘Barbee‘, not to be mistaken with ‘Barbie’. This place is a square path through tiny streets in an almost monochrome tone, like being in a Japanese noir film. The … Read moreGoonies Adventure – Barbee

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