Volume 3: Chapter 1 – SL Goonies and the Mile High EMERGENCEY!

Volume 3 : The Dastardly Plans

The forcefield around the Goony Island finally came down to reveal a bigger island with a mountain in the centre. How can this be? what happend to the old island? Nemo Beach is still there but somehow looks new. there are also many  other new features such as a Pirate Town, a windmill, more cabins and an old castle.

So the gang was just sitting around in Rickety Town when suddenly a sky platform dropped out of the sky around them.

A man named Mr Doomdale turned up mumbling something about neededing to check on the Flying Ferret Sky station once used by the old Sky Pirates.

So everyone got aboard their flying air karts and flew up to check it out, only to find the station overrun by Lizoids!!!!!

Well, as yu can imagine their was plenty of fighting and as the dust settled our attention was drawn to the big engine that keeps the thing in the air. It was sounding an alarm and venting steam. The Lizoids had sabotaged it and the main control Panel thingy needed replacing, but with what!??

As if on cue Mr Doomdale suggested we go find a Sky station that he heard had crashed to the north East years ago and perhaps it would have a working control panel.

So shouting our motto, the Goonies boarded once again the air karts and flew with haste to the north eastern islands.

It took a while but eventually the crash site was found and after rummaging around found a working control panel! FTW!

So it was back on board the Air Karts with a race against time to get back to the Flying Ferret before it came crashing down on Escapades Island. Poor Lil Max had a hard time keeping up with his short legs. LULZ

With just minutes to spare the Control Panel was replaced, the alarms stopped and the engine stopped venting steam.

The Grand Masters evil plans foiled once again! YEAHY!

But what else is planned for the Goonies on this new bigger island. What secrets are buried below its surface, or even hidden in it’s skies?

Could not have gone better #SL #Escapades

What was the most important part of the Halloween Party? The stage?, how well the band played? the amount of donations raised? the amount of people who came?… no, none of those, though they do all combine to help. The most important thing is the experience, and the memory those who came took away with them at the end.

We had a slight problem with the band ‘engrama‘ changing when they were to play, but it all worked out ok and did not really matter. We started off with two hours of halloweeny tunes and had a Costume Competition which turned out to be harder to judge than i thought seeing as there was so many great creative costumes. Many people got 2 votes but in the end Jimmy won the contest with 3 votes for his demon costume.

Soon it was time for engrama to come on stage and with them arrived a good group of followers of all size and types of avatar. many were blown away with the music still not realising that the band was TRUELY live. This was proven with a few mishaps which on one occasion lead to the guitarist disappearing completely. Im sure engrama are kicking themselves for such a mishap during a live show, but for me it was nice to see evidence of the show being live and not prerecorded. It in many ways added to the overall experience of seeing the band in SL. The music sounded great and fitted surprisingly well with the halloween party.

Overall i got a lot of great feedback saying it was the best Halloween party EVER :). It was definitely something that wont be replicated anywhere else any time soon so thanks to all those who came and to engrama for giving us a great experience at Escapades.