Escapades Open Weekend #SL

I and some of the Pro Plotters have been hard at work trying to get things in place as quickly as possible. The SL Goonies are getting impatient and need a place to hangout and shoot things.

Well this weekend Friday the 17th of September Escapades Island will finally be open to the public. Not everything will be finished, but that should not stop you having fun. Perhaps you will see how awesome a place it is and want to join the project 😉
Events are planned starting on the 17th at 1pm SLT (9pm GMT) which include music and possibly battles. You will also be able to claim a beach cabin as a home.
Then on the 18th the Milk’n’Kookies Show will kick off at 12pm SLT (8pm GMT) with live performance from SL’s popular Mankind Tracer.