Chapter 6 – The Final Fight!

A new message was received suggesting the Grand master was again constructing an evil TOWER OF DOOM. Later the grand Master also hijacked a goonies Instant Messaging device in order to announce to the group that he had combined the Narcadon SKull with the Tower and would use it to wipe us off the island.

More information was gathered from some Goony explorers who discovered clues in a bottle that lead to a floating treasure chest. They Discovered the true identity of the Grand Master, and that he had tried to use the skull once before 100’s of years ago and failed.
So The goonies stood on Nemo Beach fearlessly waiting for the final fight to begin!
The Battle raged for almost an hour and the Tower was badly damaged and smoking, but suddenly the whole island just vanished and many found themselves on the docks of whippersnapper looking out to what looked like a giant wall of pulsating energy. No matter what we tried (even shooting giant toast at it) we could not get past the energy wall and back into goony island…..
The Island it seems, is gone!

Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 6

This weekend i will be meeting with Kris somehow and giving the go ahead for the Upgrading of Goony to the new Full SIM. No longer will the island be known as Goony, but a name that best describes what i feel many of my friends come to SL for. Some people have spoken out at how the upgrade seems purely profit motivated feeling that the high prices of rent is just to fill my pockets. There is a bigger picture than just making a profit from rentals that i feel im not getting that across to everyone.

So what will there be?

• A brand new Bigger Island

• Puzzle Quests to explore with friends (Follow clues to find objects that lead to other clues and uncover parts of stories.)

• A Social Website to join (hopefully integrated into SL via Shared Media)

• New Shop Store Inworld & Market Place(which will allow residents to submit to without the need for shop space)

• Adventure Guild (other adventure SIMS that collaborate with goony island)

• Themed Sandbox

• Activities (goony got talent, parties, contests, social gatherings, Tutorials)

• a NOOB point

• Plots to rent as your own place

And thats not including what the Pro Plotters are plotting 🙂

So whats the bigger picture?

The SL Goonies is a group of adventurous people who crave fun adventures. The New island wants to give that group and other groups a place to have those kind of adventures but not only that, it will strive to give those groups the ability to interact and socialise, because sharing the adventures is very important. Linden Lab are starting to provide Pro Residents the tools needed to create truly engaging interactive and social experiences.

Second Life has been a huge help for me in becoming more confident, creative and understanding about myself and others. It has helped me open up to the world. Socialising through an avatar with people from around the globe with many different social backgrounds expands your views in a way Psychologist are only now starting to write papers on. If it’s possible that socialising with the groups on the new island helps others understand themselves for the better, then i believe a project like this is really worth striving for no matter how much hardwork it is.

The Two Grids of Second Life #SL

As im prepping for probably the BIGGEST scariest moment in my second life things are getting more complex. Living on a homestead has taught me a lot about reducing script usage and keeping prims low. I embraced the sculpty prim which with the help of sculptcrafter allowed me to make more complex detailed objects with very low prim usage.

In the last year LL have introduced some features that im excited about. Shared media,http textures and Mesh imports have the potential to completely change SL. Combined they could reduce prim usage and script usage, while boosting interactivity and apparently according to Qarl the mesh feature could reduce lag. For me thats awesome. BUT the big screw up that makes my upgrading island complex is Viewer 2.0. I am hard pressed to find any friends in my community that actively use viewer 2.0. If i build an island that heavily uses Shared Media and the forthcoming Mesh feature what will that mean for 90% of my friends who use the island, what will they see? a barren lifeless island?

Viewer 2.0 in a way has created 2 grids, one that will be transformed by the new possibilities of Media, Mesh & HTTP Textures, and the other that is seen by Pre-viewer 2.0 technology who walk around oblivious to the new interactive and extra detail. Its a difficult dilemma for someone who wants to build cutting edge exciting interactive experiences in SL.

Im told Emerald viewer which is what most of my friends who find viewer2.0 impossibly unintuitive use, will have Shared Media added some time soon. This is all well and good, but then i have to wait for them to add Mesh as well (if that is ever released).

So what should i do, build experiences using shared media and mesh and ignore the pre2.0 hardcore SL users, or reduce the amount of shared media used in my projects to just being an extra bell&whistle for those who use 2.0. It seems unfair to force people to use a viewer they hate, it might have a counter effect on the experience.

Update on the Second Childhood Network #SL

So work has started on the sequel to my Second Childhood Network Kiosk. The Original was well received a year and a half ago, but was rather difficult to update, and with the current economic climate in SL, many places don’t stay around for long. The Kiosk also had other drawbacks.
• used scripts
• was 8 physical prims
• rezzed almost 30 temp prims
• Slowed down to a crawl if in a busy sim
• time consuming to update
• Limited number of places can be added

I had been working with some people trying to inspire new ideas on how to introduce categories, it all seemed to difficult to script. Then along came shared media.

Shared media allows the implementation of a website, graphic or video onto the surface of a prim. This opened up the door to making a basic small website to be an inworld interface on a prim (Prim App). It might not be as animated as the original, but the benefits outway that.
• Only 5 physical prims
• No Scripts
• Works fast on busy sims
• no temp rezzed prims
• Unlimited amount of places can be added
• Categories
• Easy to update.

One issue is that Shared Media is a feature only available at this time on the official LL viewer2.0 which most people hate. BUT if emerald ad it to their browser and LL finally bring out a better viewer then this will be the best way to travel between the Kids community. I even have ideas of making it into a hud.

The Second Issue is that there appears to be a BUG in the LL Viewer 2.0 which wont allow regions with two or more names to open a landmark inside the viewer. I contacted Torely Linden and opend a Jira, so perhaps this will be fixed in a next update. Until then the second Childhood Network 2.0 is on hold.

Torely’s awesome video about the bug using the SCN2 for example

Road to Goony 2.0 – Part 5

Everyone is hard at work testing out ideas, sketching up plans for the new island. Unfortunately the island wont be upgraded until all the pro plots have been reserved by people committed to the project. At least 6 Pro Plots still are unclaimed so the next couple of weeks is a push to find people who are interested in being part of the adventure.

Some seem possibly put off by the price of rent on the island. The way we see it, you are paying for the rent of the land with a bit extra to help pay for the maintenance of the island and its adventures & quests.

As part of this push to find interested people i have created a short documentary about Goony Island.
The excitement is really building, spread the word!