Shadow of the 13 – developing a second life experience

Shadow of the 13 started out just like last years RP The Cloud Angel, but this year i looked into ways to make it stand more on its own throughout the year. It was’nt perfect but it did give me alot of great feedback about where i could possibly go next and also has me excited about future possibilities in developing interactive experiences in SL.

On reflection i would say that there was a lot more attention to the clue hunting side of things than there was to the freeform RP side which in the end i feel i rushed a bit. But saying that, i did get some great feedback and praise which encourages me to continue to experiment with ideas and stories.

Just a few nice things said….

I thought the clue-gathering ‘hunt’ was a genius way of getting people to explore the city together, share history and local knowledge, etc.

It ran just long enough that the story stayed ‘urgent’ without feeling rushed on a personal level.

I loved the “treasure hunt” part, where while discovering each new clue I was rewarded with a new part of the story. And I can’t help but admire your imagination and effort you put into this. The way those RP events are connected together is just great, it creates not only imaginary history of Babbage but the REAL one.

I have to say this was the best, and most perfect way for me to become reacquainted with New Babbage.

Capturing a crowd of diverse people is never easy , continuing and holding on to the hearts and minds over great lengths of time is an amazing thing to do !!

I’m 100% new to SL so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it in all it was well put together I think.I just hope I can be there for some of the future events. πŸ™‚

Doing the searching has been a lot of fun, though, even though I feel very slow for not being any farther along yet. It’s been a great excuse to see parts of the city I haven’t yet, and to meet some really nice people. πŸ™‚

This is the first of your Babbage roleplays to involve so many people, new and old alike, from Babbage or from elsewhere. The website, the teaser, the trailer, everything was perfect and contributed to make it THE event nobody should miss.

Shadow of the 13 also started trending on twitter which i found very interesting and wonder if that could be intergrated with RP.

Of course not everything was GREAT about the event, and i encouraged people to air their thoughts on what could have been done better. These were mostly things that would not have cropped up until we did the RP.

β€’ Time zones – the baine of everyone who wants to run events in SL and something im really going to look at for story 4 end of this year.

β€’ Bloggers – When it comes to RP people like to blog about it, either on their own sites or on the Babbage NING. So really it’s a case of exploring how information travels and how it can spoil someone elses enjoyment.

β€’ RP Length – The way events unfolded depended on how quickly people got through the clue hunt and i really had no references to cage from. But now that i do i hope to improve on that.

The Shadow of the 13 Clue hunt game is still available as a stand alone experience. Even today i rezzed in Babbage to find people looking for the final clue to the story.

To take part in the Shadow Of The 13 mystery visit the official website

photo by Nat Merit

photo by Elina Koskinen

Now that ive spent four months working on rebuilding my presence in New Babbage, it’s time to take what ive learnt and get back to the Kid avatar community, and im excited about the possibilities this year.

Shadow of the 13

Well i had been planning to do this small RP in december, but after talking to a friend about it i decided to hold off until after New Year. This will be my third RP in New Babbage which started back in 2007 with the Eliot Device story.

Roleplaying and Babbage it self has changed over the years. The way people decide on roleplaying has changed, the size of New Babbage has grown. So to capture the entire towns imagination, bring in new people and give an immersive but optional experience has meant alot of thinking.

New Babbage Chronicles: The Eliot Device centred around a series of murders that uncovered a plot to find missing parts to a device that could open a door between worlds. This story was extremely freeform and was not even complete when the town took hold and role played it. New Babbage was only two sims at that point and a small community. The level of involvement from the residents was a complete surprise and helped build a history to New Babbage which attracted more to come and stay.

New Babbage Chronicles: The Cloud Angel followed a year later and introduced more themes and recurring characters resulting in a race to find a mythical creature of extreme natural power. During this RP it became apparent that the community was much bigger and had more opinions on roleplaying. Many lesson were learnt during this story. In many ways the story was far to complex and spread out for 1 person to gather all the information needed to truly understand what had happend. Even to this day i dont think anyone has all the facts. Where as the year before only a couple people lived in New Babbage and could really deeply be involved in one story. Today Babbagiers are faced with multiple stories, events and gossip.

New Babbage Chronicles: Shadow of the 13 will hopefully show what i have learnt from the past RP’s as well as looking at how New Babbage life works. I want to build on the history and mystery that was created by the last two and make it enjoyable to as many people as possible, from Newbs to Babbage life, and those old scholars of New Babbage who have been with me from the start and are bored of everyone being murdered.

Suggested by a friend of mine, i decided to build a small website to create an atmosphere surrounding the RP. The site gives hints and tips for Newbs and will be used along the mystery to explain parts of the story. This is also so that throughout the year people can still discover and explore the mystery long after its been uncovered by the Babbage residents.

So if you like uncovering clues and you love second life, visit the Shadow of the 13 Website.