Burning Life 09 – The End

So Burning Life events Draws to a close for another year. It’s been a mad week, but seems like months. The amount of fun we’ve packed into that week has exhausted me. We opened with a great show by M’n’K, Had a crazy bumble Bear race and lagged out 4 or 5 SIMs with our badly scripted Bikes.I lost an Airship somewhere (still out there not been returned!), got sandwiched by naked people, played in a ball pit and nearly ran over 2 people in my mini bus. We partied hard, burned a wicker Kid, watched a Temple burn to the ground and listened to some amazing live bands…… If only SL was always this packed full of fun.

The House of Pip’s has had an amazing amount of comments. People really seemed to enjoy visiting it and felt compelled to tell me how much they were touched by the story.

I should thank you, Tis utterly charming and poigniant

Hi! I love your Burning Life build. It’s so fun! Thanks for letting me be a tiny part of it.

This one stole my heart this year. When you start listening to the parcel music station, the full story of the build and it’s characters unravels and come alive. Curl up in a donut, pop some popcorn and stay a while.

That is an amazing house!! ^_^

This was a very cute project and certainly one of my favorites in Burning Life 2009. Thanks for making me smile.

oh it’s one of my fav of this years burning life 09,really fun and interactive place – woot!

Super cool, Lokiboy! Wonderful … sweet, and fun, and so well executed. Just love it. ;=)

So i need not have worried about wether people were going to understand it or not. But as with every Burning life, it must come to an end and this year the ending was not just about burning the house down, but telling the end of a story. I wanted those who had come and become fond of the house and its characters to go away with a complete story to remember. From what i can tell people were moved by the final event and thankful to have been there to witness it. But for those who could not make it, you can watch the ending unfold in this final video….. Hope everyone had a great time at Burning Life 😉

Burning Life 09 – Burning of the Man & Burning the Kid?

Saturday saw the official Burning of the Man. It was a really amazing atmosphere with drums and so many avatars. Everyone was in great spirit as the sun set. I had not seen so many avatars in one place since the protests about open Spaces.

I got myself a really nice spot and watched as the circle of flames surrounded us then… well…. just watch the video and you’ll see. All the sound is how it sounded there, i did not replace the soundtrack!

Later that day at the house of Pips I DJ’d for an hour then we went outside and set fire to a smaller wicker man fondly called THE KID. So the whole day was full of great SL moments.

Burning Life 09 – The Great SLC Bumble Bear Race!

Last Year we did a pogo Stick race so i wondered what would be a good idea to race this time. With the help of my Friend Will, i came up with BUMBLE BEARS. They were most amusing to watch bumble around the track. This year Miss Breezy Carver from new babbage accepted the honer of starting the race.

Much fun was had by all that took part. So much so that they had an extra race just for fun XD! Have no idea what i’m going to do for next years race!

Burning Life 09 – The Goonies Bike Ride

So on tuesday the goonies gathered at the house of Pips to set forth on a small adventure across burning life. The Idea was to head first to Marri’s Inner Child Camp then off to the Centre Camp. Half way to Inner Child Camp we got told by some rangers that our bikes were laggy, So from Inner Child we decided to go by Airship. Once at the Centre Camp we danced around and listened to some live music. Was a Spiffing adventure for all 🙂

Burning Life 09 OPEN!!!!!

Well yesterday the greatest event in SL opened to the public. I watched as people piled into the Burning Life Grid. The Milk and Kookies show was kind enough to do their show from my and Marris builds which packed both sims to full.

Events will be going on all week at the House of Pips thanx to some brilliant volenteer DJ’s. Check out the Event list below. This years SLC race will be on Bumble Bears, and dont forget to come to the exciting conclusion to the Waiting for Pippin story next sunday for the end of Burning Life 09. Until then their is plenty to explore and the Goonies will be having another bike ride on tuesday.

here is the event list

And here is the Waiting For Pippin video to show your friends.

Visit the House of Pis NOW http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life-Pyramid/10/186/26