Building at Burning Life

Getting stuck into building at Burning Life. The biggest challenge is building a 700 prim build in 300 prims. Using the sculptie-O-Matic by Contagious Republic (try the tool here) The tool allows me to creat complex group of prims and then convert them to ONE sculpty prim. The tool is limited in which distorted prims it can convert, but if used properly it can make detailing objects amazing. For my House on an Elephant build i wanted to create detailed 3D exterior. Sculptie-o-matic allowed me to do a detailed 17th century wall with just two prims instead of 30. A staircase that was 40 prims, now only 2 prims. So hopefully i will be able to pull off a 300 prim build that looks like a 700 prim build πŸ™‚

Chapter 4 – Invasion of the Search Droids!

After The Goonies Hid the Narcadon, Glorb sends a message to the Grand Master. Annoyed the Grand master sends out Small Search Droids to try and relocate the Narcadon. These Droids follow people around but are easy to destroy. If you see one on Goony island, my advise is to SHOOT IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!

So far the Grand Master does not yet realise that it was US GOONIES that moved the Narcadon Skull. Good job he dont have an internet connection!


The Goonies tried real hard and eventually a plot was grabbed!!. Now i can set to work on building the house of Pip, so don’t expect to see me for a while :-p Thanks to all those early morning Euro Goonies and Late night US goonies for the support! πŸ™‚

I am still in the process of sketching things out and am hoping that my idea is not too ambitious. The Plot i got is only 350 prims, so im gonna have to use all of my prim saving skills to create the House of Pip.

The Burning Life Concept

Well here i show one of the concept artwork for m Burning Life Build, which is under threat of not happening. It would appear i totally missed the theme camp submissions and on top of that Grabbing land is proving difficult.

The Build is Called ‘Waiting for Pippin’ and involves a house on the back of an Elephant that is roaming the desert landscape in search of Pippin. Inside lives all manner of creatures waiting for the eventual return of Pippin, the Boy who imagined them up.

My first attempt to grab land ended before anything rezzed. As you can imagine 100 people rezzing to click boxes caused massive lag, slow down in rezzing and the inability to move. There is Land Grabbing every night until sunday, although im away on friday and saturday leaving me with just 2 more attempts to get land with a suitable amount of prims to do the project.

Wish me luck dudes!

Chapter 3 – Moving of the Narcadon – SL Goony News

Loki Eliot reports for the SL Goony News as the Grand Master sends a team of Lizoids to retreave the Narcadon SKull. The Goonies rush to lift the skull form the water and hide it sumwhere safe.