Chapter 2 – The Mission Underground

So Data and Loki built a teleportation machine gizmo and Jimmy stepped up to be the first one to go through. He IM’d us to say all was well and that it was ok for the others in the team to follow. Once down in the secret base, we found a long dark corridor that … Read moreChapter 2 – The Mission Underground

VOLUME 2 – The Narcadon Threat – Chapter One

The Grand Master is still on holiday. The latest intercepted message suggests he will return within two weeks to start phase 2 of his above world domination. A group of the Goonies have decided to try and find the secret underground base, where all this stuff starts. Data and Loki work through the night to … Read moreVOLUME 2 – The Narcadon Threat – Chapter One


I finally released the Max Wolf costume to the fans this week for everyone who wants to run with the wild things in the run up to the movie. I CANT WAIT!!. It’s a lil bit pricey, but all the money goes toward Goony Island and the various project around it 🙂 until i get … Read moreATTACK OF THE MAX CLONES!!!

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