Goony Island will not go up in price again!!!

As my fellow Goonies know, Goony island was under the threat of becoming too expensive a hobby. Linden Lab are trying harder and harder to convince everyone that its a viable platform for serious business while making it increasingly impossible for the social hobby residents to enjoy their virtual projects. I HAVE TO THANK everybody … Read moreGoony Island will not go up in price again!!!

Chapter 6 – The Grand Master sends a message

A group of Goonies were startled to find a hovering angry looking robot in the club house. It starred at them before giving them a recorded message from The Grand master It seems the Grand Master thinks we have not been able to reform the Goonies after the Twatha Tower ejected nearly all of them. … Read moreChapter 6 – The Grand Master sends a message

The Goonies Weapon CONTEST!

Starting today i am challenging the goonies to bring forth proposals for a Goonies weapon pack. For too long have the Goonies been at the receiving end of Gemini’s guns, bomb, missiles and rockets. It’s about time the Goonies got some fire power back, especially with the Grand Master threatening to return with his Lizard … Read moreThe Goonies Weapon CONTEST!

Chapter 5 – Activation of the Tower (ejected goonies read!!!!)

Last night the evil grand master who lives under the island sent a special tower thingy that sent out a radio pulse ejecting goonies from the group and preventing us from joining them again. The tower was blown up leaving just a hand full of goonies left in the group.DO NOT DISPARE, there is an … Read moreChapter 5 – Activation of the Tower (ejected goonies read!!!!)

Chapter 4 – Rise of the Twatha Tower

Well Bubbles started to appear from beneath the waves. Data had just finished work on the new Goony PS detector when a message rang out… Goony PS Detector version :1.03** ****ANOMALY DETECTED *****Please state the nature of the emergency : Strange Phenomena in progress”*** Location : Goony Island :-Area: INSUFFICIANT DATA:-Threat: MINIMAL**END TRANSMISSION** Live from … Read moreChapter 4 – Rise of the Twatha Tower

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