Welcome Willow

At the weekend my Real World long time pet and friend Willow passed away after nearly 20 years of companionship. In memory of her she now sits on my Cabin bed sleeping in peace.

Where the Wild things Are?

Anyone who knows me knows im a big fan of where the wild things are. There is an SL copy of the kids book in the Goony Club house. Well yesterday the trailer for the forthcoming move came out and i was so excited about it that i made a new version of my Max costume.

I hope to one day build the Wild things island in SL.. just need the time and money….

Second Childhood Project

I’ve been Busy working away over the last 3 months on a new project called Second Childhood. The project aims to embrace the entire Child Avatar Community and present it to the world. It started with a simple idea to make a portal site for non SL users to join the child Community directly with out having to look for it. This then developed into a Grid wide network of popular Child Avatar places.

Part one : The Portal Site.
The Second Childhood Website describes what the child community is, shows videos of the adventures and gives help and tutorials to those interested in being a Kid Avatar. It guides newbies through joining SL and allows them to select 1 of 4 learning trees in the Child Avatar Community to start their second lives. This means as soon as they arrive in SL they are already in the Child Avatar community and in good hands.

Part Two : The Learning Trees
The original SLC Learning tree has helped many learn about the Child Avatar Community, so it made sense to expand on the idea. Now there are 4 Learning trees in the Child Community.

1. SLC Learning tree at Whippersnapper.
2. SL Kids Learning Tree at Aspen
3. CAIC Learning tree at CAIC
4. SLC learning tree at KIC Island

All four trees have a step by step guide to helping Newbs with their second childhoods. They encourage Newbs to join one of the three biggest child avatar information groups (SLC, SL Kids and CAIC) in order to get help and advice from the many Child Avatar residents. There is even a Transmogrifier wonderfully donated by Jeremy to make it easy for Newbs to become Kid Avatars.

Part Three : The Second Childhood Network

The SCN is something you will all see popping up in the more popular Child Avatar places. It is a network of 24 places voted for by the Child Avatar community. It connects all the major places together and displays it in one place. You will be able to travel around the network from place to place as these devices will be located at every place on the network. It is hoped that this Network will increase the traffic between places and strengthen the community.

Wether or not this project makes things easier for people or is used at all, i dont know. Part of the fun of SL is just being able to try out ideas. And after this Project is complete i hope to get back to making Goony Island the funnest place to be 🙂